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AdManage Launches CPC Bidding Engine & CPC Text Banner Ads

April 15, 2009
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IRVINE, CA - It's been an incredible start to the year at AdManage ( and as 2009 continues, the innovative advertising network is celebrating the launch of their CPC (Cost Per Click) Bidding Engine and CPC Keyword Contextual Text Banners.

Many affiliates already know how AdManage enables them to successfully monetize search traffic for large profits. The AdManage advertising network, powered by their proprietary Performance Enhanced Search Technology, places relevant advertisements in front of consumers conducting searches or surfing relevant content-rich websites. Advertisers can choose between text banners and search engine listings.

"We have kicked off this year with tremendous growth and innovation at AdManage," said Charlo Barbosa, CEO of AdManage. "The entire AdManage team is truly gratified to continuously provide incredible income generating vehicles for online affiliates and advertisers. Our latest additions, the CPC Keyword Bidding Engine and CPC Text Banner Ads, provide even greater firepower for targeting big-time profits. Look forward to more exciting developments from AdManage this year."

Using the AdManage CPC Bidding Engine, advertisers submit keywords associated with their products and services then create a customized text banner ad to entice targeted consumers. Text banner ads can also have a small image associated with them to increase their brand awareness. Ads are displayed on AdManage affiliate sites and on their own web properties based on the keywords chosen that fit the partner website or the keyword content on the page. As with traditional CPC advertising on search engines, AdManage advertisers bid on keywords, ensuring the most competitive rates for the chosen keywords.

The CPC Text ads come in a javascript format. The template wizard ads allow affiliates to customize their ads using a multitude of templates so the ads can match the look and feel of their website. The options are endless for these ads to be customized to the advertiser's choosing, so there is never a uniform or dull ad that is served. Also, if there aren't any ads to serve, affiliates are able to add a default ad so that a blank ad is never served on a partner's site.

To learn more about the new AdManage CPC (Cost Per Click) Bidding Engine and CPC Text Banner Ads, contact a sales representative at and visit the web site at

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