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Affiliates CPC Banners

Our CPC Banner Ad Wizard gives affiliates the power to fully customize advertisements in order to match a website's design. Admanage offers a vast selection of CPC banner templates compared to any other affiliate and advertising network. With the Ad Wizard, affiliates can either select a template or manually change the background, text, colour, style and borders of a CPC banner advertisement.

CPC Text Banner Ad Wizard

Easy integration

Integrating our display banner ads are simple an easy using our Javascript code. Just paste it on the pages that you want to make money on and let us do the rest.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliates earn a standard 60/40 Revshare for every one thousand impressions served.

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How CPC Banners Work

Benefits of CPC Banners

Easy Integration

High Revshare

Targeted Ads

Excellent Coverage