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Affiliates CPV Interstitials

Affiliates earn quickly from the full page interstitial advertisements that appear before a user reaches your landing page. Everytime an interstitial ad is viewed by a unique user, affiliates generate revenue. Premium advertisements and advertisers mean that you will not have to deal with an unappealing ad that doesn’t fit with your website.

Industry-leading CPV rates:

Admanage’s rich media interstitial ads guarantee that affiliates will profit from the highest CPV rates in the internet marketing industry. Why? We only work with the leading advertisers willing to pay top dollar.

Easy integration:

In the time you spent reading the last paragraph, you could have started earning more money! Setting up a website with interstitial ads is an incredibly easy process for affiliates. Grab our Javascript code and place it on all the pages that you have with the most traffic. Advertisements will begin to appear instantly.

Unobtrusive for users:

Each interstitial ad includes an obvious “SKIP THIS AD” button so that users can bypass the interstitial and continue to the destination page.

How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Affiliates earn a standard 60/40 Revshare for every unique full page ad view.

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Benefits of CPV Interstitials

Easy Integration

High eCPM

High Revshare

International Coverage